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What We Do


The architecture of a building and its landscape should appear as one thought and not as two separate processes. As hardscaped rooms and a more developed rear and front yard become further desired, the need for design integrated with the architecture becomes more prevalent. As we witness the trend of homes on seemingly smaller lots, we also see the need for the design and implementation of these outdoor living spaces that are truly an expansion of the home itself.

At Corning Graap & Associates, our purpose is to create value for our clients through the design and implementation of landscapes and outdoor living spaces. Our design philosophy is to always explore the potential of the site or landscape element under consideration, and unveil new solutions, products and ideas to the client. Through this philosophy, we provide the client with a variety of thoughts on how to achieve their desired outcome with all appropriate considerations kept in check.

Our design process encourages a collaborative partnership with the client. Our goal is to ultimately design an affordable project that meets the wants and needs of the client. By keeping the design phase fluid with concept drawings, budget numbers and constant feedback, the overall plan is allowed to expand or minimize accordingly, evolving into a finished design and ultimately a valuable addition to the clients property.

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